Kid's Studio

RCF Kids Studio Mission:

The Mission of the River City Fellowship Kids Studio is to:

  • Show every child how much they are loved by God!
  • Stir up the desire kids have to know God!
  • Teach children to hear God’s voice!
  • Show the importance and impact of praise and worship!
  • Lead kids into real experiences with God!
  • Teach the power of prayer!
  • Help kids to know they are an important part of the Kingdom of God!
  • And to always put the spotlight on Jesus!!

How do we accomplish this mission?

RCF Kids Studio is relevant and fun!

Kids should want to go to church! At RCF we strive to keep things interesting!

RCF Kids Studio is safe!

Our check-in is an important part of our ministry. We want both parents and kids to feel safe while in our care. This is done by training and background checking volunteers, having plans for emergency situations, and having a safe facility.

RCF Kids Studio supports the family!

At RCF we provide opportunities for families to have fun and grow together. Some of these opportunities are Open Mic Nites, Fall Harvest Parties, Dance Parties, Family Worship Night, Pool Parties, Moms Group, Parent’s Night Out and camp. We are always looking for more ideas for the whole family!

RCF Kids Studio helps kids discover their God-given gifts and talent and use them for the Lord!

In RCF Kids Ministry we encourage kids to pray! They take the desires of their hearts to Jesus. We encourage kids to pray out loud when they are comfortable and to stretch them to do more for Jesus. We encourage them to be an active part of the class and to have a heart for missions. As they grow, their gifts become evident.

Joel 2:28

“After that..I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; and your sons and

daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams

and your young men will see visions.”